Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Home Inspector


Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Home Inspector

If you're planning to purchase a home, hiring a home inspector before you sign on the dotted line is a smart decision. Having your potential home inspected could help you avoid any nasty surprises that could cost you time, money, and stress. Your home should not only look gorgeous, but all its systems should function in a way that doesn’t affect your routine life.

Home inspectors typically provide inspection services to determine the performance of the home. They prepare and deliver to the client a written report of findings that form the basis for continuing with the purchase, renegotiating the sale price, allowing the seller to make repairs, or for pulling out of the sale.

Some people think that they can do the job of a home inspector simply by watching a few videos online. However, something as important as your home inspection should be left to the professional. To help you find a qualified professional, keep reading to learn what to look for when hiring a home inspector:

1. Experience.

It’s difficult for an untrained and inexperienced eye to find hidden leaks, cracks, and systems which don’t function well. It only comes with experience. That’s why hiring a professional who is highly experienced is essential.

2. Communicative.

A client should be made aware of each finding and should be given detailed information about it and how it can be repaired or replaced for the safety of the family. Ensure your potential home inspector provides detailed information.

3. Customer Oriented.

Many home inspectors are money oriented and inspect several properties in a day to earn more. Hire an inspector who devotes ample amount of time to assess your home and has your best interest in mind. Ensure your prospective inspector allows your presence during an inspection. This will ensure that your home is checked thoroughly.

4. Professional Reports.

You need someone who uses clear and concise language in person and written reports. Reports should have photos to illustrate the home’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask for a free sample report and scan it before hiring a home inspector to get a good idea of what you can expect.

5. Knowledge.

An inspector needs to have sound knowledge about roofs, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, interior, exterior, plumbing, and insulation. It’s important to know and understand each component and what it does, how it works, and how to inspect it. Ensure your home inspector is fully qualified to check each system with certainty.

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