What Makes Dream Home Inspections Stand Out


What Makes Dream Home Inspections Stand Out

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About Dream Home Inspections

Dream Home Inspections is a one-woman firm at the moment and have been since we started in 2017. I am a certified home inspector and a certified mold inspector and service all of Nova Scotia.

We are currently in a state of growth and are changing and constantly adopting new technology. An example of a recent technological advancement that we’ve adopted is in regard to the software we use to write reports. The software now has an action plan link that summarizes what the report says. I send this to the realtor and he just has to put his comments on each item. This saves the realtor a lot of time when sending his report to the client after the inspection.

The Dream Home Inspections Difference

What makes me stand out from my competitors is my attention to detail. I also communicate throughout the inspection with the client.In addition, My rates are not overpriced as I am looking to deliver excellent services while making a good living and not trying to get rich.

I find being a woman is very important to being an inspector as a woman tends to pay close attention to detail and will find what the others won’t. I take great pride in being able to assure the client that their investment is a sound one or not.

My vision for the future is to be the inspection company of choice for Nova Scotia because of my integrity, abilities, and approachability.

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